Celebrate Independence Day with C&L Sanitation: Your Trusted Portable Restroom Solution!

At C&L Sanitation, we're gearing up to celebrate Independence Day in style! The 4th of July is a day filled with joy, laughter, and the dazzling spectacle of fireworks. As you plan your festivities, rest assured that wherever you go, a C&L portable restroom will likely be there, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout the day.

And Now… Saturday Scheduling for Septic!

For over 60 years, C&L Sanitation has been cleaning septic tanks all over northwest Ohio.  C&L’s pumping schedule has always been customer friendly; and now there’s yet another reason not to put off required maintenance for your septic system — Saturday Scheduling!   From now through the end of October, our technicians are available for Saturday septic tank cleaning!

Not sure when your septic tank was last pumped?  C&L Sanitation has been maintaining customer pumping records for several years, and our office staff can tell you the last time the tank was pumped.

Getting Ready for a Busy 2019

Don’t let the dreary days of early 2019 fool you!  Spring is just around the corner, and here at C&L Sanitation, we are gearing up for another busy year of supplying our customers with portable toilets, restroom trailers, portable sinks, and portable showers.