How We Clean

Every Portable Restroom Service C&L performs in the field utilizes a unique disinfecting service system on the truck. This unique procedure takes sanitation a step further and completely disinfects & cleans a portable restroom more effectively than traditional cleaning methods. In addition to cleaning you will also receive fresh rolls of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, re-secured positioning, and confirmation of service.

We Disinfect On Location For Every Service

C&L service drivers’ power wash and then spray ALL surfaces of our portables with ECOLAB hospital grade DISINFECTANT. We Disinfect…Others Don’t!


This process actually destroys bacteria, mold, and other microorganisms that spread disease and cause odor. Many other restroom companies use traditional cleaning methods with a scrub brush to “clean” a restroom using a blue dyed deodorizer. Using a brush and no disinfectant system actually spreads mold and bacteria to all surfaces of the restroom.


56% greater reduction in bacteria
132% greater reduction in mold *
*Lab results for traditional cleaning increased mold by 84% from a brush transferring mold from one surface to another.


Eliminates Odor and Germs
Surfaces Shine
Reduces Dust Build-up
Disinfects Areas a Brush Cannot Reach
Consistent Cleaning Results
Customer Satisfaction

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