Why So Many People Choose C&L

C&L SanitationWhat makes C&L appeal to so many customers and events?  First and foremost, C&L’s restroom products line is as varied as it is long.  We can provide portable restrooms, restroom trailers, hand washing stations, fresh water systems, and handicapped accessible restrooms.  Secondly, whether your event or work site needs to accommodate 20 people or 200 people (or even 2,000 people) the same attention is given to providing clean, sanitary, and comfortable restroom facilities. Additionally, C&L Sanitation has always supplied the amenity “extras” --hand sanitizer, hover handles, a locking hasp, (and, of course, toilet paper).  Keep in mind, too, that our standard portable restroom has a larger holding tank—meaning more uses—before service is required.  Finally, IF service is needed, our staff is committed to correcting the problem as necessary.  We believe that keeping guests or workers satisfied is an assurance that customers will continue to use our services.

All our restroom products are explained in detail on our website.  If you’re in the planning stages of an event, you might want to use the pre-event form to get started.   You can call or email us. Our friendly, customer-oriented staff will answer all your questions (and even supply answers to questions that you hadn’t thought of yet!).