We Couldn’t Do it Without Them

For over 40 years C&L Sanitation, Inc. has employed drivers, mechanics, yard workers, technicians, and office workers.  They work proudly together as a team to provide a variety of portable restroom products and septic tank pumping.  They represent C&L with professionalism and courtesy and are proud of the service they provide to people in northwest Ohio.

Bring on the Fair Food!

Summertime is more than camping, picnicking, swimming, and hanging out with friends.  It’s a fair guess (no pun intended) that from mid-July to October, there is a county fair or festival somewhere near you that means “fair food”!

The rides and midway attractions might be for the youngster in you, but the FOOD—there are just some things you can only get at the fair!  As you’re walking down “food row” and your senses are bombarded by the smell of corn dogs, Pork-A-Lean sandwiches, and Italian meatballs (and don’t forget the fresh squeezed lemonade and elephant ears for dessert), you can rest easy knowing that food safety has not been compromised.

Your Day at the Fair!

Northwest Ohio is home to dozens of fairs and festivals in August and September (and even into October). Whether the fair is local or county-wide, a wide variety of events appeals to young and old:  midway attractions, animal competitions, quilting and craft demonstrations, flowers and vegetables displays—the list is endless!

All these events are enjoyed by thousands of people who require comfort and convenience for their day-long stay.

The Fourth of July is Independence Day!

Here at C&L Sanitation we proudly celebrate Independence Day.  We call it the “4th” and look forward to a holiday with parades, picnics, and of course, fireworks!  While you’re participating in your Fourth of July festivities, chances are you’ll find a C&L portable restroom nearby.

We’ve Got This!

After May teased us with a few warm days, now that we’re into June, it seems safe to say, “Welcome to Summer 2022!”  And it finally seems “safe” to plan that backyard party (for all the friends that have been hibernating for the last six months)!   Food lists, date, time, and set-up are all arranged.

Meet C&L’s “New” Septic Voice

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for well over 50 years.  During that time, C&L has proudly built its reputation on its professionally-trained technicians and knowledgeable customer service people who gladly answer questions ranging from “can you tell me when the septic tank was last pumped?” or  “do you know the size of my septic tank?” and sometimes “do you have any idea where the septic tank lid is located?“

These questions (and maybe some new ones regarding Ohio health department regulations) can now also be answered by C&L’s newest customer service representative, Paul.

“Excellence in Portable Sanitation”

C&L Sanitation has been providing portable restroom services in northwest Ohio for over 40 years. During that time, we have proudly served construction companies, manufacturing facilities, village/city/state entities, golf courses, restaurants, charitable organizations, and private individuals (just to name a few!). Our loyal customers know that when it comes to providing portable restrooms and restroom trailers and other related services, C&L is the industry leader.

Why So Many People Choose C&L

What makes C&L appeal to so many customers and events?  First and foremost, C&L’s restroom products line is as varied as it is long.  We can provide portable restrooms, restroom trailers, hand washing stations, fresh water systems, and handicapped accessible restrooms.

Graduation Party Season Ahead!

Do you have a son or daughter graduating from high school or college this year?  It’s a BIG milestone in your child’s life AND certainly worthy of a BIG celebration!  Your plans include a gathering for family and friends at your home -- and you're well-prepared:

(√) Guest list
(√) Food and drink
(√) Canopy and tables/chairs
(√) Cake
(√) Entertainment and games
(√) Decorations

Aren’t you forgetting something?  What about a portable restroom for your guests?

C&L Sanitation has been providing restrooms for family celebrations for over four decades.

Don’t Forget to Wash Your Hands! Copy

How many times has that message echoed in your ears? Didn’t matter if it came from your mom, grandma, the babysitter, the doctor, or even your teacher, it warned us that the best way to keep all those nasty germs at bay was to wash our hands!

But. . . what if there is limited or no access to fresh water?  It's a common problem in construction areas, food vending sites, hiking/biking trail rest areas, and temporary field offices.