Meet C&L’s “New” Septic Voice

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for well over 50 years.  During that time, C&L has proudly built its reputation on its professionally-trained technicians and knowledgeable customer service people who gladly answer questions ranging from “can you tell me when the septic tank was last pumped?” or  “do you know the size of my septic tank?” and sometimes “do you have any idea where the septic tank lid is located?“

These questions (and maybe some new ones regarding Ohio health department regulations) can now also be answered by C&L’s newest customer service representative, Paul.

New Year, New List

New list?  (And not the one titled, “New Year’s Resolutions!”)  Did you perhaps put “Call C&L for Septic Cleaning” on your list last fall—but never got around to checking it off?

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for 50+ years in northwest Ohio.

What’s on Your Autumn Maintenance Check (√) List?

Autumn is a busy time for homeowners.  As much as the cooler weather is a respite from the hot and humid days of July and August, it’s a sure sign that the cold and snow of winter is just around the corner!  So—we put away the patio furniture (√); clean up and store the lawnmower and yard tools (√); do a maintenance check on the furnace (√); and schedule the septic tank cleaning (√).

If the septic tank cleaning isn’t on your autumn check list, it probably should be!   C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks in northwest Ohio for 50 years.

We Know a “Thing or Two” about Septic Tanks

C&L Sanitation, Inc. has been pumping septic tanks for 30+ years.  Our Northwest Ohio customers respect our expertise and guidance on the best practices for keeping their septic system healthy.

Here at C&L we call it our “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” List:

DON’T:  Put harmful materials into your septic tank—including grease and oil from cooking, coffee grounds, and food scraps.

And Now… Saturday Scheduling for Septic!

For over 60 years, C&L Sanitation has been cleaning septic tanks all over northwest Ohio.  C&L’s pumping schedule has always been customer friendly; and now there’s yet another reason not to put off required maintenance for your septic system — Saturday Scheduling!   From now through the end of October, our technicians are available for Saturday septic tank cleaning!

Not sure when your septic tank was last pumped?  C&L Sanitation has been maintaining customer pumping records for several years, and our office staff can tell you the last time the tank was pumped.

Septic Tank Health Doesn’t Take a Spring Break

In a normal year, now is about the time that many folks would be on their spring break.  As the world starts to get back to something like normal, your spring may or may not include a break.  But even if YOU get a break, your septic system isn’t as lucky!  It’s hard at work for you all the time – so spring is the perfect time to do your septic system, and yourself, a big favor.

The Days are Getting Shorter

The nights are cooler and the woolly caterpillar is putting on its winter coat! Harvesting is in full swing and many of us are checking (√) our “getting ready for winter” list.  Does that list include the health of your septic system? Do you know how long it’s been since you had your septic tank pumped?

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for 40+ years.

Fresh Water, Anyone?

The H2Ohio initiative unveiled last November by Governor Mike DeWine is a multi-million dollar program to provide long-term water quality benefits to communities state-wide.  Those of us who live in northwest Ohio have a vested interest in clean water because WE lay claim to OUR Great Lake—Lake Erie!

C&L Sanitation, Inc.

What’s on Your “Putting the Garden to Bed” Checklist?

Does your fall checklist include “putting your garden to bed”?  It can mean lots of raking, deadheading, and trimming to assure the health of your lawn and plants.  While you’re working hard to assure a healthy lawn and garden for next spring, have you given any thought to the health of what’s under the ground?  (And we don’t mean the worms and other creepy crawlers!)  Is it time to put the health of your septic system on your fall to-do list?  Do you know how long it’s been since you had your septic tank pumped?

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for over 30 years.