Septic Tank Health Doesn’t Take a Spring Break

In a normal year, now is about the time that many folks would be on their spring break.  As the world starts to get back to something like normal, your spring may or may not include a break.  But even if YOU get a break, your septic system isn’t as lucky!  It’s hard at work for you all the time – so spring is the perfect time to do your septic system, and yourself, a big favor...

Can you remember the last time your septic system was pumped?  And now that you’re thinking about it, have you noticed that the drains in your house are slow and sluggish or the toilet doesn’t completely empty when flushed.   Maybe you’ve noticed an unpleasant odor, too.  It might be time to call C&L Sanitation.  If your tank was pumped by us in the past, our friendly customer service staff will be able to tell you when your system was last serviced.   They can schedule an appointment at your convenience usually within a couple of days.  (Or in the worst case scenario, if the drains or toilets “back up,” on-call personnel are able to take care of after-hour or weekend emergencies.)

C&L Sanitation employees are PSAI (Portable Sanitation Association International) trained and certified and can service your septic system with the expertise homeowners have come to expect for over 40 years.  Give us a call today.