C&L Sanitation is Ready for You!

Cancellations, postponements, rescheduling, rearranging… well, nobody needs to be reminded yet again of the frustrations of 2020!  But here we are—it’s spring of 2021 and hope springs eternal!  The hope that a graduation party, a retirement party, a wedding, a family reunion, or just a good-old back yard neighborhood cookout will actually happen in the summer (or fall) of 2021!  And, yes, whatever you’re celebrating, C&L is ready, too!

C&L Sanitation, Inc. has an extensive product line of portable restrooms and restroom trailers, sani-sinks and hand washing stations.   Just check out our “products” link.  You will be amazed at the possibilities.  Whether your gathering is 20 people or 200, C&L has a solution for your restroom needs.

Why not give us a call today?  Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is ready to help you plan that long-awaited celebration of family and friends!