Meet C&L’s “New” Septic Voice

septic tank lidC&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for well over 50 years.  During that time, C&L has proudly built its reputation on its professionally-trained technicians and knowledgeable customer service people who gladly answer questions ranging from “can you tell me when the septic tank was last pumped?” or  “do you know the size of my septic tank?” and sometimes “do you have any idea where the septic tank lid is located?“

These questions (and maybe some new ones regarding Ohio health department regulations) can now also be answered by C&L’s newest customer service representative, Paul.  Paul joined C&L’s customer service staff last September and will gladly answer your septic tank questions. Because C&L Sanitation has been maintaining customer records for so many years, when Paul is asked “when did the previous owner’s septic tank get pumped?”  A few keystrokes and Paul can tell you, “2019”—and depending on the number of bathrooms, how many people live in the house, and because it’s only a 500-gallon tank, “the tank should be pumped.  When would you like to schedule?”

Give C&L a call today and ask for Paul.  He’ll answer your questions and schedule a septic tank cleaning at your convenience.