We’ve Got This!

summer partyAfter May teased us with a few warm days, now that we’re into June, it seems safe to say, “Welcome to Summer 2022!”  And it finally seems “safe” to plan that backyard party (for all the friends that have been hibernating for the last six months)!   Food lists, date, time, and set-up are all arranged.  But what about the sanitation and amenity concerns?  Specifically, hand washing stations and portable restrooms?

It doesn’t matter if the guest list is 20 people or 50 people, a portable restroom or restroom trailer from C&L Sanitation saves on the wear and tear of your home’s bathroom.  A Sani-Sink from C&L also gives an added assurance of sanitation and cleanliness especially when food is involved.

As you continue to firm up your plans, why not call C&L?  Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer your questions (and will probably answer questions you didn’t even know you had!) You can count on C&L Sanitation’s 40+ years of experience in the sanitation industry for us to proudly say to our customers, “We’ve got this!”