What About When We’re Not There?

Septic System Pumping Truck

Over the last 50 years, thousands of homeowners have relied on C&L Sanitation to provide septic tank pumping on a regular two to three year schedule. That’s based on the size of the tank, number of family members, and the number of bathrooms). Customers know that C&L technicians will respect their property and pump the tank according to industry standards that are healthy and safe.

But what about the years between scheduled septic maintenance? What should homeowners do to keep their septic system working properly? What kind of soaps and detergents should be used? What about water-saving features? What about harmful chemicals including the ones that seem harmless? Something should be said, too, about septic tank security and integrity.  It’s important to keep vehicle traffic away from lids and risers and get in the habit of regularly checking access points.

Learn more about “Septic Tank Pumping and Cleaning” on C&L’s website. An entire list of “Do’s and Don’ts” will help you keep your septic tank healthy when “C&L is not there!”