How Many is Enough?

Does it seem that the C&L Sanitation logo is everywhere no matter where you travel in northwest Ohio? That’s because we are!  C&L has been supplying portable restrooms for businesses, special events, charitable organizations, and communities for over 50 years!

Our customers trust our products and know that our service technicians will supply a clean and sanitary portable restroom that is maintained at or above every industry standard.

It’s Cold Out There, But . . .

It’s cold outside, but there is still a lot of construction going on.  New homes, home remodels and additions, manufacturing sites -- and before you know it, road construction will once again be in full swing.  And where there’s building going on, you can be sure that the C&L signature, teal-colored portable restroom is on site!

C&L Sanitation is the industry leader in providing portable toilets, restroom trailers, portable sinks, portable showers, and fresh water systems at construction sites all over northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.

How Did THAT Get There?


If you saw a portable restroom on a barge in the Maumee River, would it just make you wonder? Hmm!  How did it get there?  And how does it get cleaned?  If it’s the familiar C&L Sanitation teal-colored restroom unit with the ever recognizable “C&L” proudly displayed on the side, it got there as a “sling unit”!  A “sling” is a type of clamp affixed to the top of the unit which allows the restroom to be carried to the truck for pumping.

More than the “Signature” Teal Colored Restroom

In your travels throughout northwest Ohio, you’ve probably seen C&L’s portable restrooms with the familiar C&L Sanitation logo.  After all, we’ve been continuously in business for 40+years!  What you may not realize is that C&L’s signature teal-colored portable restroom is just the beginning of our extensive product line!

C&L recognizes that certain events require a restroom with classic comfort and style.

Think “Outside the Box”

How many times have you seen the familiar C&L logo advertising our company when driving around northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan?  (C&L Sanitation has been in business for over 30 years, so the answer to that question is probably “Lots!”) The logo is on our  restroom units and on our trucks.

Getting Ready for a Busy 2019

Don’t let the dreary days of early 2019 fool you!  Spring is just around the corner, and here at C&L Sanitation, we are gearing up for another busy year of supplying our customers with portable toilets, restroom trailers, portable sinks, and portable showers.