Celebrate Independence Day with C&L Sanitation: Your Trusted Portable Restroom Solution!

At C&L Sanitation, we're gearing up to celebrate Independence Day in style! The 4th of July is a day filled with joy, laughter, and the dazzling spectacle of fireworks. As you plan your festivities, rest assured that wherever you go, a C&L portable restroom will likely be there, ensuring your comfort and convenience throughout the day.

Want to Make Your Special Event Just a Little More Special?

Some special events are just that—“special”!   Maybe a successful fundraiser for a charity?  Possibly a corporate event with visiting dignitaries, or an outdoor wedding or rehearsal dinner?  What if your event requires handicapped accessibility?  C&L Sanitation has just the special restroom for you and your guests!

C&L’s “special” line-up includes the Luxury 10 Model features flushing toilets, AC/heat, and quartz countertops and woodgrain floors.

Getting Ready Time

It’s been a bit dreary out there lately, but don’t let the gray skies and cold temps fool you!  Spring, as they say, is just around the corner, and here at C&L Sanitation it’s "Getting Ready Time!”  The portable restrooms with the familiar C&L logo are getting ready to be delivered to the back yards, fair grounds, parks, and parking lots in northwest Ohio for graduation parties, outdoor weddings, church festivals, summertime reunions, county fairs, and all the other wonderful events of summer!

Whether it’s a portable restroom, restroom trailer, MMU, or any other restroom in our extensive product line, it will undergo a thorough cleaning and inspection before it’s ready for a summertime event.

It’s Cold Out There, But . . .

It’s cold outside, but there is still a lot of construction going on.  New homes, home remodels and additions, manufacturing sites -- and before you know it, road construction will once again be in full swing.  And where there’s building going on, you can be sure that the C&L signature, teal-colored portable restroom is on site!

C&L Sanitation is the industry leader in providing portable toilets, restroom trailers, portable sinks, portable showers, and fresh water systems at construction sites all over northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan.