Stars in Your Eyes and Diamonds on your Finger!

Maybe you’ve been a little “dreamy-eyed” since he popped the question, but you’ve definitely decided on an outdoor wedding in 2022 (or maybe 2023)!  You’ve been so busy thinking of flowers, photographers, dresses, food, etc. that C&L Sanitation wants to remind you that it’s never too early to plan for the restroom needs of your wedding guests.  C&L Sanitation’s extensive line of restroom trailers is the perfect complement to your outdoor venue.  You’ll be amazed at the style and elegance of our available models.

The Luxury 10 Model features flushing toilets, quartz countertops, and woodgrain floors.  The Cottage Trailers Series offers banquet hall style restrooms with stainless steel sinks, classic stall doors (with locking handles), and AM/FM radio.  The Urban Style Trailer is C&L’s most elegant of restroom trailers and features many of the above amenities but also large mirrors, cathedral arched stall doors, and black and stainless valances. The ADA+2 Restroom Trailer adds luxury to handicapped accessibility with low-entry platforms, occupancy indicators, and low-level outdoor lighting.  All of C&L’s restroom trailers are explained in depth on our “products” link.

Not sure of what you need?  Call us or email us today and talk to our customer service people. They can answer your questions and choose the restroom trailer to fit your guest list and your budget. You can count on C&L Sanitation’s over 40 years of service in northwest Ohio to provide comfort, convenience, and style for your special day.