Septic System Health

Homeowners outside city limits (and possibly outside the limits of a water and sewer district) need to be ever attentive to the waste discharged from the sinks, toilets, washing machines, etc. in their homes.  If a septic system is properly installed on their property, the waste disposal system is safe and effective; (and at the same time assures a homeowner that sewage waste and other byproducts are not polluting our waterways).   If, however, drains become sluggish and/or odorous, or the ground surrounding the septic tank is mushy, or the grass is greener in the septic tank area, the septic tank might need to be pumped.  Most definitely if the plumbing “backs up” in your bathroom or kitchen, it’s time to call C&L Sanitation and schedule the pumping of your septic tank!

For over 40 years, C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks in northwest Ohio.  Call us for flexible scheduling.  Be sure to check our website for some timely tips: “‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ for the Proper Care of Septic Systems.”  After your tank is pumped, your name will be put on our Auto Reminder List to receive a letter to remind you when your septic tank might need pumping again.