What’s on Your “Putting the Garden to Bed” Checklist?

Does your fall checklist include “putting your garden to bed”?  It can mean lots of raking, deadheading, and trimming to assure the health of your lawn and plants.  While you’re working hard to assure a healthy lawn and garden for next spring, have you given any thought to the health of what’s under the ground?  (And we don’t mean the worms and other creepy crawlers!)  Is it time to put the health of your septic system on your fall to-do list?  Do you know how long it’s been since you had your septic tank pumped?

C&L Sanitation has been pumping septic tanks for over 30 years.  We have been maintaining customer pumping records for almost that long -- and regularly send our customers “recall reminder notices.”  Not sure when your septic tank was last pumped?  If we pumped it, our friendly customer service staff will be able to tell you.  Based on the size of the tank, the last time it was pumped, the number of bathrooms, and family size, we can suggest a pumping date.  Our pumping schedule allows for service at your convenience. Give us a call today (and check something else off your list!)